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The growing need of rehabilative and therapeutic practice has grown beyond the traditional clinical settings. Often seniors may spend time in a rehabiliation facility (or rehab). There are even health clubs that provide some physical therapy programs to older adults recovering from an illness, injury or fall. Our caregiver can provide assistance in helping your senior mend - from assisting them with their ADL's (Activities of Daily Living), helping them to remember to take their medicine or even helping them with their daily exercises.

For legal reasons the actual therapy program is designed and prescribed by medical professionals including occupational therapists, speech therapists, geriatricians and other certified professionals. Our client care coordinator works with the senior's health care professionals to include their rehabilation program into a customized care plan.

Caregiver in Rehab Facility

How Our Caregivers Can Help

  1. Communication - our caregivers can help insure there is an open channel of communication between all the different therapists and professionals involved with your senior's program. We also pride ourselves on maintaining excellent communication with family members regarding what their seniors are doing and their progress.
  2. Implementation - typical rehabilitative exercises may involve resistance, flexibility and endurance exercises - our caregivers are skilled at assisting senior perform the exercises prescribed by their therapists. This also includes speech therapy and other exercises designed to promote mental exercise and acuity.
  3. Documentation - we not only design a custom care plan for every one of our clients, we also document anything related to their care while we are present. This includes items from dietary restrictions, meal preferences, which assigned exercises were attemtped or completed and any other activities associated with their care.

Our caregivers provide these services in a senior's home and at a variety of locations in Houston including assisted living facilities, rehabilative clinics and independent senior living communities.

Regardless of why your senior is in a rehabilative setting or engaged in a rehabilitative program - we work to support the program to help your senior restore their fitness and strength to levels at or above what they were prior to their initiating rehab.

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