Meet Our Comfort Keepers®

Our team is uniquely qualified and ready to help 

Every member of our Comfort Keepers® team is professional and well trained. We conduct a thorough screening and interviewing process to identify the best home care providers, and only those who pass this process go on to complete training to deliver our special brand of home care and become Comfort Keepers. What truly sets our people apart, though, is their natural gift for caring for others.

Each of our Comfort Keepers is dedicated to helping clients maintain their independence and quality of life in their own homes. Through quality care, assistance and customized service plans, Comfort Keepers caregivers can make all the difference in allowing seniors and disabled individuals to live comfortably and independently.

All Comfort Keepers pass extensive background checks and complete continuing education. They are bonded, insured and covered by workers' compensation insurance to protect our clients and their families.

We strive to hire the best caregivers in the area, because we know that your family members and loved ones are important to you and deserve the best quality of care. Whether Comfort Keepers will be providing services for a few hours each week or around the clock, we only send the most caring and dedicated individuals to care for your family.

Comfort Keepers are matched to clients based on client preferences and services required. We want our clients to trust and feel comfortable with the caregivers who come into their homes. Our Comfort Keepers work to ensure each client’s safety, security and quality of life.

Linda Josey


Linda Josey has been dedicated to taking care of seniors for the past 30 years. Linda’s passion for taking care of others started with the guidance of her grandmother who often prepared meals for the less fortunate every Sunday.

Once she finished high school her first real experience with seniors was in a nursing home setting, where she worked more than 10 years. Linda found that she really enjoyed making the patients/clients in her care happy.  

As the senior care industry began to grow, Linda found an interest in the Assisted Living industry and studied to be an Assisted Living Administrator where she worked in this role for more than 14 years.

In 2007 Linda moved to Texas where she started working with Comfort Keepers, and eventually became a partner in the franchise. Linda is very dedicated to the clients she serves and the staff that she mentors. In her spare time she enjoys, reading, walking and traveling.

Selby Clark


Selby Clark is the owner and operator of 3 Comfort Keepers franchises in central Houston, Texas, He earned his bachelors of Fine Arts and his Bachelors of Architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design before returning to Texas to get his MBA at UT, Austin. Selby worked in Austin for a few years, fell in love and married a Texas girl. They purchased a motor home, put everything in storage and traveled the country for 9 months visiting 37 states and 7 Canadian provinces before settling in Houston and raising a family. Selby was the Director of Technology for the SW region of a national commercial construction firm.

However, it was his wife’s grandmother who lived to 104 that really got Selby interested in Home Care. He discovered he wanted something more in life and found it, while he and his wife cared for her grandmother. The experience gave Selby a sense of fulfillment as he saw the pleasure in her life never diminish because she was enabled to receive the care she needed at home instead of a facility.

The experience really opened his eyes to the benefits of home care. In 2004, after reading in Entrepreneur magazine about the extraordinary quality of in-home and senior care services provided by Comfort Keepers, he knew he had found his calling and purchased the Houston, Texas Comfort Keepers office. Now, through his original Comfort Keepers and the purchase of 2 additional offices, he provides many seniors and other adults the independence and quality of life he witnessed as so important to Grandma Inge.


Tia Bullock

Client Care Coordinator

Tia’s interest in helping others began at a very young age. She began volunteering her time at a local assisted living at the age of 12. She enjoyed talking to and spending time with the seniors in the facility’s care.  She continued her volunteer work throughout high school. Upon completion of high school Tia attended Duke University.  During this time her main interests were developmental and cognitive psychology. In 2008 she graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology. 

After leaving Duke, Tia moved to Houston to pursue her career. She received training and became an ABA Therapist. In this role, she provided behavior therapy to children and young teens on the Autism spectrum.  She found this role to be very rewarding and remained in this position for 6 years. Throughout the years, her interest in helping others, particular seniors, had never diminished.  She then made the decision to place her attention back to the senior community. She became a part of Comfort Keepers, where she hopes to continue to make a difference in the lives of others.

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